Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY: My Easy Burlap Wreath

Hope you don't mind some crafting popping up on here. I could literally sit for days doing just that- crafting, drawing, sewing, painting. Get me a coloring book and some crayons and I'm happy for hours. So needless to say, when I saw all of these burlap wreaths popping up on Pinterest, I knew this would be my next project. I'm a full supporter of getting on the Trend Train if you're digging something... there's nothing wrong with joining in on the fun. Honestly, the only problem I had with this project was that it was actually too easy and too quick. My planned Sunday afternoon of crafting therapy was cut short with a complete wreath and no other projects lined up. That is what I would call a first world problem, folks.
So after checking out some pins, I created my modified version of creating a quick and simple burlap wreath. I've noticed that there are all different styles of these, so I just did what was pleasing to my crafting-loving eyes. Here goes it:
1. Spend hours upon hours in Hobby Lobby browsing the aisles... and also picking up the following supplies:
  • Wire Wreath Frame... I just eyed what size looked right to me, but I think I could have actually gone a little smaller.
  • 2 packs of tan pipe cleaners. You can also use the wreath wire, but since burlap is so light, I didn't think it was necessary. The pipe cleaners are also cheaper and easier to twist with your fingers. (Disclaimer: If you're putting your wreath on a glass door, I would opt for the wire. The tan pipe cleaners aren't the most beautiful things to look at... but let's be honest- either is the back of a wreath)
  • Wired edge burlap ribbon. I got TWO 30' spools and used nearly all of it. FYI- This is where you see the difference in the wreaths. Some are made of the wired edge and some are made of the raw edge burlap ribbon. It really is your preference. I chose wire edge just because I thought it would be easier to shape, but you can also get a great wreath of a more compact folded look by opting for the non-wire. It's up to you. I think this process would work for both.
  • Decorative ribbon, letters, or whatever else you want to use to make it more personal or themed.

 Your supplies... I actually bought 2 rolls of 30' ribbon.
2. Cut your pipe cleaners in half.

3. Break open the ribbon and grab one of your newly cut pipe cleaners. In order to start your wreath, it's important to get a secure connection. Take the pipe cleaner and stick it through the end of the ribbon.

4. Take the ribbon with attached pipe cleaner and wrap it around 2 or 3 rings of the frame. What I found most helpful was never wrapping the pipe cleaner around the entire frame or just one of the rings. It always felt more secure and full by securing it to at least 2 rings at a time.

I just realized this picture is the opposite of what I'm saying above... Oops! After I took this picture I ended up wrapping the pipe cleaners around more rings to make a secure connection.

5. Start looping and folding. After each loop, take another pipe cleaner and connect to the frame. Once connected you'll want to twist the pipe cleaner at the back of the frame so it's tight. I would do about 2- 3 loops per section and then move forward. This is really where you just eye whatever shape and loops appeal to you.

And we're looping....
And we're twisting....

And we're back to looping...
6. After every few sections, I would turn it around and tighten a few of my pipe cleaner sections together. This made the wreath feel much more secure.

Not the most beautiful sight... but it works.


Almost there... this was about 15 minutes in. 

One thing I noticed was that my loops started to get larger as I went. Oh well... It happens. Instead of starting over I just completed the whole frame and then went around again with ribbon and filled out any section that I felt needed a little more oomph. It worked pretty well actually. Don't stress if it's not perfect.

7. Once I was satisfied, I repeated the step I made at the beginning- inserted a pipe cleaner at the end of the ribbon and secured it to the wire frame.

8. I then tucked in the pipe cleaners so they wouldn't be sticking out.

8. Shape and fluff! Again, this is why I originally went with the wired edge, but I'm sure you can also shape and fluff a bit with the no-wire edge.
9. Accessorize. With the start of football season this weekend, I thought I would add a little something extra to showcase our proud alumni status (or is it alumnus?). I also plan to use the wreath throughout the year, so I made sure everything was removable. I picked up some red and white chevron ribbon and some wooden letters (U and L of course). To secure the chevron ribbon, I just slid the wire through the knot of the bow and attached. This way, I can easily remove once I'm ready for something new.

But in an effort of keeping it real, I'll let you know that I completely botched the letters. Sometimes my impatience gets the best of me. Oops! I tried to freehand with a white paint pen but immediately regretted my decision. After attempting to paint over, I realized these letters were a No Go (for now).

Lesson in patience, folks.
I hung the wreath and was happy with it for a few days....

But I eventually felt like either the bow wasn't big enough or it could use a little extra something. After some digging through some of my wedding supplies (Hey, it's only been a year), I found a big wooden "W" and figured I would try a little spray paint action.

Break out the spray paint!

I think the "W" really gave it that something I was looking for. I still have the Louisville Cardinals on the brain, so I may eventually fix the college letters and apply those, but for right now I'm digging this look!

I'm already looking forward to changing it up for fall and Christmas! It's the little things!
I wonder how soon is too soon for pumpkins and leaves?

Good luck!


  1. This would be the perfect wreath for Christmas. I just love your blog and look forward to seeing more of your projects.

    1. Thanks Nesha! I've already changed it up for fall and am looking forward to changing it for Christmas! Thanks for checking out my blog!