Sunday, October 12, 2014

Max's Itty Bitty Nursery!

One of my goals while on maternity leave was to get a post up about the (mostly finished) nursery before I went back to work. Well...... It's now 5+ weeks of me being a working mama and I'm just now getting the itch to post about Max's itty bitty room. I clearly didn't realize before making the blogging goal that maternity leave didn't allow me all that free time I expected (Veteran moms laughing everywhere). But truthfully there were just more important things to do like bonding with my brand new, beautiful baby boy, Max Nathaniel! I look back on those 12 weeks and wonder if they even happened- It's so surreal to think about and those days went by so fast.  I really do feel like my Max and I got in some major bonding time though and we took advantage of every moment together. He's definitely a mama's boy so far... or maybe he just knows where his food comes from. Regardless, he and his daddy are simply the best things in my life. It's weird to think of it all before him- Cliché cliché cliché- I know. But it's nothing but the truth.


I say 'mostly finished' nursery because there are a few things we didn't have time to get done. We literally just finished hanging some pictures on the wall when it was time to head to the hospital. Our little guy made his dramatic (understatement) entrance pretty quickly after our arrival. Needless to say- the final items on the nursery "To Do" list have been put on the back burner. I'm sure Max doesn't mind the lack of window treatment and the additional bookshelves that I'm wanting to put up... but if he does mind- well sorry son- but you're the one that decided to come early! ;)

Less than 24 hours before Max made his entrance into the world...
Heading out to our last "pre-parent" date. If we would have only known....
We started the nursery transformation back in March. I was using it as makeshift closet when we decided that it would be the perfect little nursery for our mystery baby.


It originally had wood paneling and some not so great carpet. We got that carpet cleaned and immediately painted the walls white and the ceiling the color mint. It's subtle- but it's such a small room that I didn't want it to be too busy. I also wanted white to be the main backdrop since we weren't sure if Baby Weldy was a boy or a girl. I figured that is as 'neutral' as we can get (without it being your typical green or yellow)- and it made the room look much larger and much much cleaner!

We 'splurged' and bought the gray and white striped rug from Crate and Barrel. I love the look, but it is a little thin so it bunches up sometimes. That is about my only complaint. I think it would work better if there wasn't so much furniture pulling on its edges.


Next thing were of course our polka dot doors- which I think sets off the room. These were so easy to do- the dots are a vinyl decal that I ordered online. You can check out that post here.

Once our walls and floors were done the next step was setting up the crib. I was having one of my "Oh my gosh we are running out of time" moments so Nathan set it up at like 3am one night in April. Love those pregnancy mood swings but it helped make me feel like were making some progress :)

Next step was bedding! I looked around at some stores and online, but couldn't find exactly what I was wanting. When you can't find what you're looking for- make it! One piece of inspiration for the nursery was this Hygge and West wallpaper below.... however it is crazy expensive and the room is so small that it would be way too busy on any wall.

Daydream (Green)

Enter: Spoonflower! Spoonflower is a great website where you can actually design your own fabric- along with ordering designs others have created as well. After I accepted the fact that the wallpaper wasn't going to happen- I actually came across a fabric that is pretty similar to my inspiration!

I couldn't believe it when I saw it- it was perfect! I did have to contact the designer to change the orientation (she was very responsive and awesome). Once she customized it, I was able to order a few yards of the fabric to make the crib sheet.

I had never made a crib sheet before, but it's pretty simple using tutorials I found online. I still use my late Grandma's old Singer sewing machine and it works perfectly for simple project like this. If you don't have a sewing machine, I'm sure there are no-sew ways to make a crib sheet as well using a sewing tape. I'll spare you the steps- but here she is! And at a much lower cost than that crazy expensive wallpaper!

I also decided to make the crib skirt. It was a bit more time consuming than the crib sheet, but ended being relatively simple to make. The mint chevron is a flannel from JoAnn Fabrics. You could also use a sewing tape for this (or heck even a hot glue gun). As long as you know basic math and how to measure, you can make this stuff!

Next up were the bumpers. I was a little more ambitious with these since I added piping. I had never piped anything before, but it ended up being pretty simple (I sound like a broken record). I bought some foam bumper inserts off Amazon and they actually had the sewing instructions in their packaging so I just followed that and found a separate tutorial online for the piping. They aren't perfect (I became pretty impatient -and tired- near the end) but they did their job. (And their job is to be cute for a few weeks before you have to remove them once the baby is sleeping in the crib) Oh well- they were worth it! Both fabrics are from Spoonflower. The gray was an existing one from their website and the polka dot was one that I created on my own. I just uploaded a JPEG of a mint dot  and then just adjusted the scale and repeat until I got what I wanted. Again- I love Spoonflower!


One of the easiest projects for this room was the dresser/changing table. We bought the Tarva dresser from IKEA. It comes unfinished so there are endless possibilities. After we assembled, we chose to paint it white and then tape off the edges of the drawers. Then, we just painted the inner part of each drawer front the same minty color as the ceiling. After we pulled off the tape, we got our result! I love these dressers (we also have them in our master bedroom). They are a great option when you don't have the money to splurge on a bedroom suite!


The changing pad cover was another DIY. It's basically the same process as the crib sheet- just a smaller scale. Polka dot fabric is also from JoAnn's.

The above picture leads me to some of the art we hung on the wall. One of my favorite books as a kid was Shel Silverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends". I borrowed the book from my mom and scanned and printed some of my favorite poems that I remember reading when I was young. The book was read so much that it is literally falling apart (and I think it survived a flooded basement). I have it on display (and opened to my favorite poem- The Unicorn!) in the corner of the nursery- hopefully my mom doesn't mind me holding on to it for a bit.

Above the crib is a simple round canvas that I purchased off of Amazon. I painted the gray circle border and then had my two initials ready for either Baby Boy Weldy or Baby Girl Weldy. Welp- Baby Weldy was a boy so Max it was (I should have known considering I called it a HE the whole time- mother's instinct)! After we got home from the hospital my mom glued it on for me and we hung it up.

Another piece of art that I hung was this button balloon shadow box. I originally saw this on Etsy. I decided to make my own. It was one of those projects that you can just zone in on  with a movie playing in the background. I love those kinds. Lots of hot glue though! Love the color it brings to the room. 

One of the last projects we did was the book ledges. They were done a week before Max was born! Nathan built them all... I was out of commission by that point. We have so many books that I am wanting to add some on the other side of the door (Plus those frames we have hanging are WAY to small and not working) We'll get there at some point!
And FINALLY- Nathan built a window seat bench. We added this for  extra storage, but also to cover the weird piece of shag carpet that was still on the floor. Gross! Had to elevate the bench due to an air vent. I think I got the gray bins off Amazon. They hold a lot of his toys that he will play with eventually!
The seat cushion and the pillows were a DIY. Fabric was either from JoAnn's or Spoonflower. You can see in the pic above- the worn out "Where the Sidewalk Ends" book. Like I said- it's falling apart! I also made sure to include Nathan's dog lamp he had as a child. That was his only request for the nursery. I'm glad Max will grow up with it :)

I am ITCHING to get a window treatment up. It looks incomplete to me in these pics- but this room has come so far that I should probably let is slide ;) That may be one of my next projects!

Finally- here are some more Before and Afters. I may do some additional posts regarding the nursery details or I may move on to something else. We will see- Mommyhood and working full time are keeping me pretty busy. For now, I'm just glad to have a post up for the first time in 4 months! Glad I have an excuse. Thanks buddy :)





Thanks for checking it out! Off to have more baby bonding with my almost 4 month old!


Monday, June 9, 2014

The Finished Bathroom!

The bathroom is finished- it took exactly 4 WEEKS so I think we did pretty good... oh and Nathan started a new job in there at some point- he's a trooper! I finally had time this weekend to take some After photos... or else I would have posted this much sooner! Here she is in all of her clean and fresh glory... aka EXACTLY what I was wanting!
(You can check out the previous bathroom posts here- Demo, New Layout & Drywall, Tub & Tile, Floor TilePaint & Storage, Board and Batten, Lighting & Mirror )
And here's a ton of Before and Afters- the best part about makeovers!

Just a reminder of how the layout was before....

And here is the finished layout...

One of the best parts of the bathroom ended up being the storage behind the toilet. We are still planning on installing doors to cover the top two shelves. It looks pretty now, but I'm really needing some closed storage for my random colored towels and odds and ends. The bottom shelf will remain open.

Until we get the doors, I'm enjoying the open shelving and its prettiness.

The board and batten is one of my favorite parts of the bathroom- and one of the easiest to do.

The vanity was a Craigslist buy. We thought it was originally 'white' but when we put the 'very white' vanity top on, we realized it was more of an ivory color and was not working at all! All different kinds of whites and ivories are a bad combo. I took on the vanity project and ended up painting the vanity the same color as the walls- Valspar "Bay Waves". (We had the paint already so again it was an easy decision). I'm really glad we painted it because it breaks up the white, but is still very subtle.
I LOVE the vanity- I was really wanting something that looked more like furniture, so when this came up on Craigslist- we negotiated right away and were on our way to pick it up. There are some doors that need adjusting if you look closely, but it's serving it's function and looking pretty.
We also replaced the knobs- these are a cheapo brand from Lowes!
Speaking of vanity top- ours is from Lowe's. Nathan's parents used this same top for their bathroom renovation and I knew that this is what we would use the first time I saw it. The clean lines are great and it also doesn't have a backsplash that a lot of the vanity tops have. It just sits right up against the wall which helps the vanity have more of that furniture look. (It's the little things!) I love how the modern top contrasts with the classic style faucet. (Aquasource faucet from Lowes).

Yep- I love this faucet.
Enough pics of the sink. Home Depot Martha Stewart sconces above the mirror...
Some $4 coat hooks were added to the board and batten. Great accessories to pull in the polished look.
 Basket was a TJ Maxx find.

The tub has proven to be the hardest area to take pictures due to no natural light... but it's also my favorite place in the room since I use it so much :)
Why not a few more Before and Afters? So glad we took out that window! I do not miss it... other than when I need some sunlight to take blog pictures of the bathroom... but I don't foresee myself taking much more of these any time soon.

And that is the bathroom! I can't believe it's done. I am still needing some artwork on the walls, but I hate hanging things up for the sake of filling room. I'd rather have a blank wall then something I don't like... so I'm on the search.
Sometimes I walk in and forget that it's not this....
 ....but it's THIS! And done just in time for baby :) Thank God!!!!

Finishing up the nursery this week- hoping to post one big post soon, but who knows- this baby may come before any post goes up. We shall see!