Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby's Gettin Polka Dots

So while Nathan has been busting away at the bathroom, I've been scheming up some polka dots for the baby! 
While polka dots are a classic and can pretty much be found everywhere (including my wardrobe), I've been a little apprehensive about using it in home décor. I've seen plenty of blogs that have filled the rooms in their homes with polka dot fabric, decals, etc. and it looks GREAT… but it always looked a little juvenile to me and I couldn't really see myself doing that in my own home…. that is until I started planning the NURSERY!
I'll be honest- I was never into any nursery decorating before I got preggo. Anytime I would see one on Pinterest or in a magazine I would just scroll on by. But when you have a bun in the oven and you start thinking of every detail for the arrival it kind of becomes an obsession and a very exciting room to plan.
Wanting to have fun in the nursery, it didn’t take me long to determine that the polka dots would be happening for my baby!  As I mentioned here, our room is itty bitty so I didn't want to overwhelm the space with a maze of circles. I opted to just 'polka dot' the closet doors for a subtle but cute touch. 
Here are the doors prior to the transformation:
First things first- we needed to paint the wooden doors. I did a coat of primer and then applied the same light gray we used in our bedroom- Valspar "Bay Waves". Again- the doors would already be 'popping' with the addition of the polka dots, so I wanted to use some light and soft colors to make the doors look like they actually belonged in the space… plus I had the paint already available and wanted to avoid a Lowes run… true story.  
I used to think painting was such a long and painful task (sometimes still painful), but it literally took me no time to finish these fellas.
I purchased 4 sheets of  4" white polka dot decals from this company. They come in all colors and sizes and you can get samples of the colors for 1 cent. They arrived pretty quickly too!
Once the sliding doors were dry, we hung them up and I started applying the decals. I thought about applying the dots before hanging the doors but it was smart to do it once they were up and hanging since the door frame overlaps some of the surface area.
While I tend to just eye things, I was careful to measure this time… at least at the beginning. Once I got into a zone, I was able to estimate the placement of the decals, but always went back to make sure my measurements were somewhat on. The dots are all 6" apart horizontally- and 3" apart vertically.
I just folded the dots over the edge of the door instead of cutting.
Good news- if I messed up on the placement, the decals would peel back up pretty easily and not be ruined. I wouldn't recommend repeeling more than 3 times, but they're pretty resilient so don't be scared if you mess up the first round.
It took me less than an hour for each door. It was a really simple project and EXACTLY what I had in mind- love when that happens! Nothing worse than having grand plans and it turning into an ultimate FAIL.
Check them out. I think Baby W will love them!
One bummer was that the decal company only sent me 3 of the 4 sheets that I ordered, so I ran out of dots and couldn't finish- one door currently is only dotted about 3/4 of the way- but they're sending me a replacement of my order- all 4 sheets which is the least they could do.
I spy a CRIB! Nathan set it up last week... it made things feel SO REAL!
And just because I love Before and Afters....
And while we're at it... a major BEFORE...

So there ya have it- baby got some polka dots! Nursery is moving right along but I'm feeling the pressure to move along a little bit faster. If only this thing they call a job didn't take up most of my day!


  1. Super cute! Baby W will love it!

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