Thursday, October 29, 2015

Neutral Fall Tablescape

Now that everyone is probably sick of fall decorating posts, I decided it was about time to post about my fall tablescape this year. Great timing. I intended to do this earlier, but oh well- it's better late than never!

One of my most popular posts that I have done was my fall tablescape from two years ago. I still love this and wish I could have just kept it in storage to pull out every year- but unfortunately pumpkins don't last so most of it had to be pitched.


I did not do any fall decorating last year because I was in the throes of going back to work after a new baby and all my spare time at home was spent ogling over Max-  I couldn't care less about pumpkins. But this year I decided it was time to pull the box back out and add some fall touches. 

I decided to go neutral and green for this one. The only items I bought were the white and green pumpkins. Everything else I pulled from my basement stash or it was leftover from the previous centerpiece. 


One of my favorite touches is definitely the sprigs. Gave it some interest, height, and a different kind of texture. Almost all of the sprigs and leaves were cut off a larger piece of fake foliage. One piece of that stuff from Michael's or Hobby Lobby can go a long way when you cut bits and pieces off. 

While I prefer to decorate fall with the traditional colors of oranges and yellow, this was a fun take on the season- and the neutral scheme actually goes much better with my whole house. #Shocking


Same box- different take. Which do you prefer? 


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Friday, October 9, 2015

The South House Files + 10.9.15

A little late, but was able to squeeze this in. Happy reading!

+ Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick featured my entry on her latest Before and After post. I've been reading her for YEARS and I couldn't believe it when I saw my picture at the top of her page. I seriously thought my computer screen froze or was faulty or something. Anywho- it was very cool to see! 

+ Did you hear Amazon has launched Handmade? It's basically their version of Etsy! I hope I'm wrong but I have a feeling this may be the beginning of the end for Etsy. ("Amazon Etsy Killer" shows up in the google search bar already...). With the way Amazon is taking over the world, I can imagine the convenience of selling/shipping for sellers and buyers is going to be hard to pass up- especially if you're a Prime customer. Time will tell. 

+ Amber Interiors has a fun before and after of her office. Can I just say- she always has the perfect rugs. She must be hiding them all in a storage unit so nobody else can find them. Seriously.

Amber Interiors - Office - Neustadt - 2
Original Source here

+ What does your couch say about you? I did not see a category for frumpy brown sectional, but I could write an excerpt for that if they need me to.... in fact I already did

+ The Makerista definitely has her own style- I have been enjoying watching her transform her Colonial lately- including how she is working with her wood room. She just makes things work in a unique way. Also- her dining room is so cool.

Original Source here

+ So excited for Calling It Home's Fall 2015 One Room Challenge! This occurs twice a year and it's fun to follow the 6 week makeovers of the participating bloggers- and the bloggers who link up. This would be just the thing to get me going on certain rooms in my house.... I like deadlines. Hmmmmm.  Side note- especially excited for Honey We're Home's nursery! I'm also very blog-world excited for her that she's expecting a baby. (Another one that I've been following for years!) Basically- lots of excitement.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, October 2, 2015

The South House Files + 10.2.15

I was out of town last week so I wasn't able to pull together my Friday South House Files. But have no fear- I'm back with another round-up. Most of these finds are from my blog browsing from over a week ago so you may have already come across them. Either way- Enjoy!

+ Last week, The White Buffalo Styling Company hosted her Fall installment of "Blogger Stylin' Home Tours". It's basically all of my favorite internet people back to back. You should check it out. Lindsay also just moved into her renovated home and I'm excited to watch her decorating magic unfold. She's a good one to follow.

Vintage floral painting as headboard
Original Source Here

+Eleven Gables has a tutorial for a beautiful faux flower arrangement. Looks expensive and relatively easy! 

Original Source Here

+ I have a love/hate relationship with Anne Hathaway. I'm still not over the dress she wore for her Oscar win, but that doesn't mean I don't want to see her new movie "The Intern".  This looks to be an easy movie where I wouldn't have to think "too hard", and also the set design looks amazing. This article has great pics and talks about how the filmmaker actually made Pinterest boards for each set she was envisioning... which made everyone's job much easier. #PinterestForTheWin #SorryHaters

                                                          Original Source here

Original Source here

+ The Most Cliche Travel Instagrams of all time. Even I'm guilty of one or two of these. Haha! This one is called "The Moment of Reflection". I'm not going to lie though- I would totally do this pose if I were lucky enough to be where this girl is in the photo. #Reflect

Traveler Sitting on a Ledge
Original Travel Instagrammer

+ Another Step Back to Get Where You Need to Be. Julia Ryan speaks to me every. time. Especially her last post about admitting defeat and how you should go with your GUT in your home. (Reminds me of every house choice I make) Love her honesty and her real life posts. She's one of the first bloggers I ever followed- and there's a reason she's still in my blog feed.

 + I'm a sucker for Trendy Baby Name Lists- whether I actually take them seriously or not (mostly not). Here are 17 French Baby Names prime for an American takeover. Apparently British names are on their way out? Whatever. Still love you Prince George. 

Prince George has made the blog...

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October: Our Fall Mantel

In honor of the first day of October, I decided to show you the only corner of my home that is decorated for fall.... and a little update on what I've been up to lately.

In the last few years, I have made a few of these kind of signs for Christmas presents, but have wanted to expand my collection for quite a while now. I decided to take one of my favorite fall quotes (inspired by this print) and smack some paint on this 30" x 33" sign that Nathan constructed and stained. This thing is huge and massive and heavy- but it's the perfect size for a statement piece on your mantel.

I tore into my box of fall foliage to finish off the mantel. (I have an overwhelming assortment- would hate to know how much I have spent on fake berries and leaves over the past few years). I think I would have liked real pumpkins up there, but I'm just using what I have. Not sure if I'm going to spend lots of money on pumpkins this year because I'm usually sick of them by November 1st and I'm on a #Budget.

If you're interested in a sign or canvas for your home- you can email me at Mainly working with Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati area, but shipping is also an option ($$$).  The smaller version of the sign is 20" x 22". If you have a certain quote in mind- or would want something personalized for your home or wedding- I can work with you! I'm already working on a few custom orders that I'm excited about!

Below is another one that I have done- This is the smaller 20" x 22" version.

Thankfully, my friends have been very nice to me and I have not stopped painting since I posted about these last week on Facebook! Thanks Friends! Get ready for Christmas overload!

In the meantime, Happy October!