Monday, October 28, 2013

Everyone Needs a Last Minute Pumpkin

Whether you've been decorating for fall since early September (guilty) or just now getting out the pumpkins, everyone could always use a last minute décor DIY. Yes-  I said everyone!
This was one of quickest holiday projects I have done. All you need is a foam pumpkin, spray paint (color of your choice), and some brass fasteners or thumbtacks.
I picked up a box of  the small carvable pumpkins at the Dollar tree. Dollar tree = Cheap. Dollar tree = Awesome.
Then I spray painted a few coats....
Next up- the brass fasteners. I was originally looking for some gold thumbtacks, but couldn't find them in the store (or I was just too lazy to look in another aisle).  I found these brass fasteners and figured they would work just as well.
So then I just pushed the fasteners into the sides to create my gold and white polka dot studded pumpkin. Easy is an understatement. I think it would look great on a flat black painted pumpkin as well... or whatever color you choose!
I paired it with this miniature gold owl that I found in the fall décor section of Walmart.  
I also wanted to keep my autumn décor bright and fresh in the kitchen, so grouping it with white pieces and adding some texture was a no brainer. I have no shame that those are fake flowers... Who can seriously afford real flowers all the time?
Also, the white bowl above is one of my favorite flea market finds from Somerset. It's so versatile (and nice to look at).
One of my favorite looks is natural texture and white finishes- I've had these wicker orbs for years.
How many pictures can I take of this tiny area on my kitchen counter? More I tell ya.
I think I'm officially done with fall decorations... Going to try to hold out until Thanksgiving before I start on Christmas. But let's be real- that's not going to happen!


  1. Yeah, I'm trying to hold off on decorating for Christmas but I have a feeling once Thursday passes I'm going to cave. Love the pumpkin! Very creative!

    1. Thanks. By the time December rolls around people will start thinking about Valentine's Day! What a cycle! haha

  2. Hi Tricia!
    I must admit, I am in love with your blog, it's super helpful and inspiring -- especially right now as Davey and I are trying to turn a true fixer upper (plaster falling off the walls, no kitchen floor, etc. It's a house built in 1926 and never updated) into a livable space! I was noticing the backsplash tiles in these photos -- is that something that you and Nathan added when you re-did the kitchen? Your kitchen looks awesome, by the way! :)

    1. Hey CC! Thank you! Sounds like our houses are about the same age! You two will have so much fun updating. We did add the backsplash tiles once the cabinets were up. I wanted something simple and clean- We found the subway tiles for VERY cheap at Lowe's and they have held up great! Definitely check the big box Hardware stores- they have plenty of affordable options!

    2. Thanks for the tip! Your house looks amazing and I can't wait to see what you do next :)

  3. So cute! I wish our dollar store had cute things like that!

  4. Ok, that takes the cake for the cutest and most creative thing I've seen this fall. Amazing! And kids can do it. Love this