Thursday, November 14, 2013

Laying on Some Coral: The Guest Room Desk

When it comes to redoing the guest room, I've been wanting to keep it fun and not too stuffy. If you remember here, we painted the old baby blue walls a deep navy which was definitely out of the ordinary for this house, but I've come to love it more every day (as much as you can love painted walls).
One of my favorite color combinations is navy and coral. In fact, coral is probably one of my favorite colors in general. Off the top of my head , I can think of about 5 dresses of this same hue hanging in my closet at this very moment. So, it wasn't a surprise when I finally chose this color combo. 
Not only is the guest room for our friends and families who visit, but when I do work from home (and not working on my laptop.... on the couch... while watching Ellen) it's nice to have a desk to get some things done.
We started off with this beautiful thing...
And then layered it with primer:
And then started slapping on some of this beautiful coral paint!
It's not the perfect furniture paint job, but it's a far cry from what it was before. I'm still trying to figure out some hardware, but here it is against the navy walls...

Here's a quick Before and After...
Once I get the hardware on it, I'll upload another for the FINAL Before and After. (You would think that would be the easy part... but it's not!)


Speaking of hardware, I picked these up and they may be an option.
But I'm also liking the look of these pocket pulls- Martha Stewart Line from Home Depot. They would also cover the 2 screw holes that we had to patch on each drawer.

We shall see!
Stick around to find out.


  1. Love the coral with that shade of blue! Beautiful!

  2. Love this and wanting to do something like this with a dresser. What kind of paint did you use?

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