Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Backyard Reveal

Well, I'll spare you the words and just get to the pictures. Our backyard is complete- and it was finished just in time for little guy's 1st birthday!!!! I've compiled lots of Before and Afters because those are everyone's favorite! Right?
I'm thinking there may be a Phase 2 later this summer with some outdoor pillows and maybe a setup for cooking out. We'll see. For now we are enjoying our outdoor getaway- because when you don't have a backyard for YEARS- this is nearly the equivalent of a vacation.
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I'll be back later this week with some shots of the patio at night!


 Here are some side by side Before and Afters!
We contemplated keeping the bushes behind the addition, but I'm glad we tore them out. Much cleaner and prettier.
The tree removal was a game changer...


Oil cans no more!










And here's a sneak of our patio lights at night...


  1. Wow! What a huge difference! Great job!!

  2. Wow!! It looks great!! I do love a good before and after! Thanks for sharing!!