Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's In a Frame....

One project that we've had completed for well over a year is our gallery wall in the hallway. The reason it's taken me so long to post anything about it is because it's the hardest space to photograph due to the narrow angles. And unless I can get some light from the guest room window during a bright, shiny day with snow on the ground- there is usually hardly any natural light to take a picture.
I lucked out the other day though so I made sure to snap some pictures and finally post something about it!
This hallway is right off the main living area, which leads to the bathroom, staircase, and guest room. It's long and narrow, but full of potential so I was itching to get something up here soon after we got married. After being inspired by the blog of all blogs, I chose all white frames and mats not only because I like the freshness of it, but I didn't want to overwhelm the wall with different colors and tones. There's already a ton of frames, and I didn't want it to bee chaotic.... Not to say that I don't love different color frames on walls if it's in an open space (I really do love it), but it would have been to much for this small area.
I collected the frames for quite a while- HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, and even the Dollar Store (although I had to spray paint most of those). Once I felt like I had a good collection- and made myself a deadline- we started to hammer in some nails.
This is where my husband and I differ on execution... along with the hammer and nails, he pulled out his tape measure. I was quick to mention that it would make things more complicated than they had to be. Being an engineer, he couldn't understand the fact that I just wanted to 'eye' things and slap them on the wall. (I also don't have the patience for things like feet and inches). With this project, I started with the large frame somewhat in the middle and then worked my way out... and started nailing. Eventually the tape measure was thrown to the side and Nathan finally conceded. It worked out better for all of us.
I will say that while measuring is sometimes necessary, a lot of times it can really mess up the look of a wall. Just because a frame is placed exactly in the center of the wall and is exactly 36" away from the window frame on both sides, doesn't mean that it needs to be placed there. It could actually look much better and more interesting if it was a little off-center (it all depends on the space). My tip- just go with what looks right to you and don't worry so much about things matching and measuring....  AND please ignore things like light switches and thermostats. They blend in if you don't pay attention to them! If you try to measure off of things like that, you'll just accentuate that they are there.  I don't have a photo, but our security system panel is actually blended in with the frames on the wall... and it's hard to notice it's there. Easier said than done I guess.
Anyway- other than an abundant amount of wedding and family photos that we collected, I wanted to add some more interest to the wall. I'm definitely not a pack rat and actually really enjoy purging items, but I AM sentimental and will hold on to some random items that have some meaning to me.
One of the items I held onto was my key to my old apartment. If anyone knows me, they know how much I loved my old place affectionately called "The Robin". Moving out of there and starting in a new home was surprisingly emotional for me (but exciting of course), so I kept my key and made sure it was included somewhere in my new home... other than a junk drawer. I'm sure at some point it will be replaced by something even more sentimental, but for now I love that it's simply framed next to a picture of its front porch.
Another one of my favorite things I have framed are the place cards from our wedding. At some point during wedding planning, I made the ridiculous- but ambitious- decision to make things "personal" and draw caricatures of each of our wedding guests... yes all 300+ of them. I don't know what I was thinking at the time, but I was determined and somehow got them done. I don't know who it was (probably my mom), but someone was awesome enough to grab our place cards so they weren't thrown away after the reception. They are one of my favorite mementos we have from that day and were one of the first things framed in the house.
One very simple thing that I did, was type out some lyrics to our first dance song. I probably need to reprint it on cardstock now that I look at these pictures, but I still like the touch and made sure to place it under the picture of us during our first dance.
Finally- I ended up hanging our wedding shadow box and framed our plane tickets to Hawaii from our honeymoon (lower left). I think small touches like this can really break up all of the photos, and add some interest. Definitely brings back some awesome memories as well.  
Wow- this wall is really a mushy, sentimental wedding shrine isn't it? But that's the beauty of your own home- do what you like! And no fear- it will soon be a mushy, sentimental, baby shrine. You will certainly be updated with that!


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  1. Can't wait for first dance pics to be swapped out for baby butts!