Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Big Day Displayed: DIY Wedding Shadow Box

After getting married last July, I ended up with boxes and boxes of wedding decor and mementos that have been very difficult for me to get rid of.  The older I've gotten (you're killing me, 27) the bigger 'purger' I have become, so it's humorous to me to see the multiple boxes full of this stuff stacked up in my basement. I mean, I have about 30 invitations leftover, but can't seem to throw them away. What in the world am I going to do with them? My old shower invites and Save the Date magnets... just sitting in a box. God forbid they end up in the trash can! 

In the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to do something special with the items I have held onto, so maybe that is a big reason why it all found a home in the basement for over a year. I'm usually not a big fan of shadow boxes ( I always thought they were a little cheesy), but I figured this would be the best way to display some of those items that take me back to some of my favorite memories.

So... I finally caved and bought a shadow box at where else but Hobby Lobby. The frame was 50% that week, but always remember that you can download the 40% coupon if you can't wait for things to go half off (I actually have the link bookmarked on my phone... and use it on the reg).  I also bought some white ball pins to secure everything into the back panel. Super easy.

When I got home, I sorted through my 'junk' and pulled out an invite, reception card, save the date, ceremony program, and some items from the reception including our cake knife and place cards. I also had some of my shower invites, but realized soon that the box wasn't big enough to fit everything... Well it could, but in my opinion it would look way too cluttered and not very cohesive.  

Included the label for the apple butter that was made for favors.

Including the cake knife gave the box some shiny interest, which then reminded me of some important items in my jewelry box from the wedding day. I decided to include my earrings, bracelet, and hair piece to bling it up a little bit. I also included my garter and bouquet brooch. If I ever wanted to let someone borrow them or pass them down, they're easily removable. Nothing in here is permanent. I think the pieces made it a lot more interesting and helped to contrast with all the paper that was going on.  It's also nice to see the jewelry for a change instead of hidden away... it's not like I was planning on busting out those earrings on a Thursday night!

Also added one of the flowers from my bouquet.
So there ya have it- A year's worth of boxed up wedding leftovers turned into a 10 minute project. I should have done it much sooner!  It's a nice reminder of that July day every time I walk down the stairs. I'll probably move it up and hang it in our bedroom once that is complete... which reminds me that that room is another thing on the list that needs to get started! Who wants to help us paint some ugly trim?
My attempt at a non-cheesy shadowbox...

What about you? Are you into Shadow Boxes or have done any cool projects with them? They're not so bad when they contain some meaningful things!


  1. This is a great idea!
    I never have seen this kind of boxes before.
    We are going to get marry next year so it could be a good idea for my wedding presents.
    Sorry for my english!

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  3. Wow!! This wedding shadow box is really great. I loved everything you used to fill it up. Your efforts and creativity is amazing. Planning to have such boxes for my niece’s wedding at one of wedding venues NYC. It will be something unique and will be loved by all guests.