Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Den Progress: Paint, Carpet, and a Steal of a Couch

Stopping in with a little update on our addition. I'm impressed with myself- 2 posts in a week with another planned for Friday. Pick your jaw up off the floor.

If you want to get up to speed, you can see our fabulous Before pictures of our addition here.
Where were we? One of the first items of business for this room was painting those really awful brown walls. It was a very bad color that we inherited and it needed to go. We decided to go with a greige from Sherwin Williams (I forgot the name but it did have "Greige" in it so hope that helps…). The color definitely comes off more gray in the room. I think the "greige" tones prevent it from leaning more cool. I think I like it, but my final opinion will come when I get the rest of the room in order.

I'm not going to pretend this room isn't already full of toys- so I saved myself the time of removing them and "neatly piled" them for your viewing pleasure....
Here's a few Before and Afters...

Please note the Afters are Unedited. I currently don't have time to edit "progress" pictures.


The next step was replacing the badly stained carpet.  We went to Home Depot searching for a remnant (we had luck doing that for our guest room), but came up with nothing. So that meant we needed to order. Honestly- I just wanted something durable, light, and neutral- so after hours of comparing samples we went with the more affordable in-stock Home Depot line. Wouldn't you know it- after hours of deciphering we got home and realized it was the SAME EXACT carpet that we put in our guest room. I guess that means that I like it? We'll go with that.  
I like carpet- I do. When most of your first floor is either hard wood or tile- I think it's nice to have somewhere soft to sprawl out on. Picture me sprawling.
And the latest update that I'm really excited about is our new couch. We bought it secondhand- but you wouldn't know it. It was hardly sat upon due to it being used for staging purposes in a home. I knew we couldn't splurge on an expensive couch, so when I saw this posted on Facebook I jumped! I also like the color- its light and neutral and warm. As for the comfy factor- husband has approved it. It's not as comfy as our giant monstrosity in our living room, but it's working. Having somewhere to sit already makes a world of difference in the room.
I threw some throw pillows and fabric on it to get an idea of the look- but I'm actually leaning in a different direction in my 'scheme'...

This corner seems promising to me...
Now you may be like- wow you have a single couch floating in the room- that's great but what else? Well, our plan is to get 2 chairs to go opposite the couch and also add an ottoman/coffee table situation in the center. I want this room to be uber Baby proof- no sharp corners- so soft furntiure for everyone!

Once I get the basics, I'll be focusing on adding some color and pattern. I think my biggest challenge will be finding a perfect yet affordable rug (The current was just thrown in there to prevent baby crumbs and spills). I have found tons of rugs that I love, but they are all SO expensive. It's hard to justify an expensive rug purchase, but they can really make the room- especially our currently VERY neutral- but much improved already den.

I'll be back with some follow up posts about plans for our fireplace, lighting, those beams, and where I'm leading as far as colors/textures for the room!

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  1. The color is much better. How about a long leather ottoman for a coffee table. They have storage and soft edges. Just a thought.

    1. Thank you!!! Love the thought of leather (and storage). Going to keep that in my mental folder! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The after pictures look phenomenal. Having an all-white colour scheme really expands the room and makes it look much bigger than it really is, something that all that natural light coming through the windows will do as well. I love the seamless look you managed to achieve by matching the carpet and wall colours together.

    Monique Fletcher @ Safeclean Hillingdon