Friday, September 18, 2015

The South House Files + 9.18.15

Here with another round of The South House Files. I'm having fun with this- now if only I could blog a little more about my actual house...

+ I'm sure we are all familiar with Nate Berkus. If you are not, please get acquainted. He's only been around for like 15 years. #ThanksOprah. Architectural Digest is showing off his new Manhattan remodel. Although some aspects are over the top for me (like that shower- woah cross eyed), I think it's generally awesome. But my favorite part of the whole feature is scrutinizing each space for the little details-  like the paintings and prints he chooses to hang with minimalistic framing and the touches of greenery in every room... And I can't fail to mention the solarium style windows in that kitchen.

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+ Yes Emily Henderson was featured in last week's files, but I thoroughly enjoyed her "fall" living room makeover with Good Housekeeping. She really honed it in with some warmth and texture after removing a lot the blue and turquoise hues that were previously in the space. Basically- my recipe for a dream room. I want those camel leather chairs for my den STAT.

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+ I have followed Clare Brody on Instagram for a while, but to my dismay I realized she wasn't in my blog feed. Tragic. I finally added her and checked out her archives. I love her IKEA Billy bookshelf install and styling. She also lives in a RENTAL, but she has really made it her own.

It's becoming clear to me that I need a camel leather chair...

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+ I cannot seem to get in the mood for fall. The dip in temps the past week helped a little- which even prompted me to make a Friday night trip to Hobby Lobby. However, I left uninspired with one faux squash and some paint pens. Not sure what I have planned for that squash, but apparently I felt it was a necessary buy. Who knows. Anyway- if you are like me and just not in the mood but do have good intentions to get into the Autumn spirit- check out this post of past fall projects from Thistlewood Farms- it almost inspires me to break out some pumpkins. Almost.

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+ If you do not watch The Goldbergs, you should. It is by far my favorite show on television. I don't know if it's because it takes me back to the actual 80s/90s while sitting with my dad eating popcorn watching the Cosby Show, but I think it's just a good ol wholesome and hilarious show that I would like the TV world to have more of. The season premiere is September 23rd. I will be watching it LIVE (no cable here) with my popcorn and La Croix in tow.

 Bev- The Original 'Smother'

Here is a great comparison of the real life Goldbergs vs the TV Goldbergs... did you know Bev on the show wears some of the ACTUAL 80s clothes from the real Beverly Goldberg? Mind blown. Also- a post about her TOP 10 fashions from seasons past. 

Have a great weekend. I'm going to attempt to be productive on the home-front! Wish me luck!


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