Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Rug That I'm Returning...

This post was originally going to be titled "We Found THE Rug!" or "Hey Look at Our New Rug!"... or something catchy like "Rug Love in Our Den"- you get what I'm saying. But I come to bare bad news and tell you that this rug just isn't gonna cut it. Please hold back your tears.

Let's backtrack.... I mentioned in last Friday's post (The South House Files) that I took advantage of the 80% off Labor Day event via Rugs USA. The rug buy was a quick decision considering the sale, but going by the picture, I thought I would really like it and it was definitely the style I have been leaning towards. I also couldn't pass up this major sale for such a good quality 8' x 10' rug. I thought it was worth the risk knowing I could still return within 14 days.


So it arrived last Friday- the size was perfect... the quality is excellent... it's SO comfortable... and I really loved the pattern and style... BUT it was green- a very muddy green at that. I knew I couldn't rely on the picture online because they're just never accurate, but I wasn't expecting the green that I saw. I was anticipating more of an ivory center with a green tint.

I feel like the rug is darker in person... the pictures show it to be a little lighter actually.

Before making the decision to ditch, I decided to live with it for a several days. There were moments when I was like "This is it- I DO love it. I can work with the muddy green" but then I would realize what I was saying and think "You're stupid. You just paid a lot of money for a rug and you don't even like it. Don't settle. You are overthinking this. This should not be so difficult. Please just leave the room and shut the door". So after more than a few of those moments, I have decided this rug isn't right for the room. Don't get me wrong- It really is a great rug- the pattern is awesome in my opinion- and while I do love the color green, I do not want this muddy green in my den and it would have dictated ALL of my design decisions. So back to Rugs USA it goes.

I think this was a good lesson on not settling for something just because you clicked "Purchase". I'm not going to stick with this rug for the sake of "progress" or a new blog post ... even if that means this room may not be done until 2017.  I'd rather take my time and find what I really want than to go forward feeling all "blah" about it all. And I have learned that muddy green is very blah to me....

Honestly, this is pretty typical of my process... lots of trial and error involved. Hope this post can encourage you to not be discouraged if you make the wrong, expensive purchase. You gotta go with your gut and it will eventually lead you to a space that you love. Let's hope that's the case in this situation anyway.

By the way... if there is one thing I AM certain about... it's that the black and gold around the fireplace has GOT TO GO. Can't handle it.



  1. Can I ask what it cost to return it?? I keep eyeing up the rugs at Rugs USA but I am so nervous that I won't like them in person that it will cost a million dollars to ship them back.

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