Friday, September 11, 2015

The South House Files + 9.11.15

This short week has proven to be rather unproductive on the home-front, but that doesn't mean I didn't have time to check out some good finds on the internets from the past few days. Of course. 
+ Traci from Beneath My Heart has a relatively easy way to "fake" a painted wood floor by using plywood. If you like the look of painted wood flooring (it's popping up all over the place), but too afraid to commit to covering up the real deal (that would be me), this could be a great trial project for you. Would be curious to see how it holds up, but it's pretty nonetheless.
 Original Source Here
 + I was oddly fascinated with this lengthy post about Emily Henderson and her publishing team choosing a cover for her new design book. I may have been sucked down this rabbit hole because Emily Henderson always proves to be a hilarious writer, or I am just thoroughly entertained by staring at side by side pictures with very subtle styling differences. I don't believe that time was spent in vain.


+ 11 Biggest Design Pet Peeves of Professional Designers. I'm sure I've hit every one of these.


+ This is an example of how I want my Den to feel. If you notice- the designer, Kate Driver, kept the existing couch and chair from before and still turned this RENTAL into a warm but fresh space that is perfectly casual and comfortable to me. (FYI those ottomans are pretty affordable from Overstock) It's also making me rethink my too cool "greige" in the den… always go with your gut... and my gut usually says warm.
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 + Speaking of den, I utilized the 80% off Rugs USA Labor Day deal this past weekend (There are still some rugs that are 70% off last I checked). I pulled the trigger on one (ahhh the pressure of a good deal), but the more I think about it I'm getting nervous it may not be right for the room. We shall see. If it proves to be a good selection, I'll share. If it isn't, I still may share. Fingers Crossed.  


+ "The Struggle is Real. But His Grace is Stronger". Amen.
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Here's to hoping next week is more productive than the last. Happy Weekend!